IPTV (Internet Protocol television) is a system through which our television services like channels, movies/boxsets, radio, 7 days catchup  are delivered using your existing internet connection, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite (dish) signal, and cable television formats. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV offers the ability to stream live TV. As a result, a set top box can begin playing the data (such as a movie) before the entire file has been transmitted. This is known as streaming, and is how it’s possible to offer our vast array of TV services.

We take our status as the best IPTV service provider very seriously, which is why we offer a no obligation free trial, so you can experience our services before you subscribe. Before activation, you will need a MAG Set-Top Box. This is the small, inexpensive device needed to connect your current internet connection to your television via HDMI or AV. Your MAG set-top box has a unique code printed underneath. This is all we need to activate your free trial. Once you receive the confirmation email, you are ready to go. It’s that simple! You can buy your Set-Top Box from our store and even pre-install your package to the box for plug and play convenience.

If you already have a contract with another supplier and its coming to an end within the next month, we´ll switch you over to our service FREE of charge, and you won´t have to pay anything until your other contract ends.

We supply IPTV9211 set-top boxes, the world’s most advanced TV set top boxes and media hub. The products are covered by a 1-year warranty term from the date of purchase. We also supply a range of IPTV9211 Set-Top Boxes branded accessories, which are not only compatible with our own products, but are 100% drop-in replacement parts for other STBs, like the Mag STB. In stock we got remote controles, WIFI adapters, USB sticks game consoles and power adapters.

Many people have this MAG250/254/255 box but it does not have the legitimate branding. We give quality, stability and packages to suit each and everyone’s programme requirements together with a branded Set-Top Box. We also offer them a free trial. If they are happy they can choose from a list of channels and a price for the package.  This method ensures that our customers are secure in the knowledge that they are receiving a genuine service with no hidden costs.


  • Unhappy with your TV Supplier?
  • Are you getting value for money?
  • Do you get good customer service?
  • Do you have over 180 channels?
  • Do you have the option to record Live TV
  • Do you have 7Day Catch up
  • Do you have Regional BBC and ITV?
  • Do you have UK tv with subtitling?
  • Do you have Video Club with 3000+ Movies, Boxsets/Series?
  • Do you have Radio from your country?
  • Do you have the channel pack to include all live World Sport?
  • Do you get PPV sport events included?
  • Do you have international channel choices? Like, UK, French, Italian, Dutch, Belgium, German, Portuguese.